All functions digitized, in one platform: integrated Connected Worker Platform by Parsable

Parsable helps companies digitize every function (safety, quality, maintenance, operations, supply chain and continuous monitoring).

Its Connected Worker Platform allows employees to collaboratively perform their work, through digital instructions and on mobile devices. In addition to measuring every step and action, workers can point out any problems and provide feedback in real time, so that each process is quickly analyzed and improved.

This partnership allows us to support our customers in the digitization of production processes with mobile media, making the exchange of information real time and avoiding the use of paper supports that cause slowdowns and errors in the processes. Overace integrates data from heterogeneous devices providing advanced analytics capabilities “confirms Marco Tarpi, CEO of Overace.

The platform allows you to easily share information and machine data with workers, managers, and experts, promoting safety, productivity and quality in operations. It is available in 18 languages, distributed globally and has users in more than 130 countries.

Workers are guided through standard work procedures and digital multimedia content (such as photos and videos), collaborating in real time and remotely. Companies can collect and analyze front-line work data, including adherence to safety and quality criteria, constantly improving work processes and accelerating efficiency and operational excellence across multiple teams and large-scale sites. The Parsable Connected Worker platform meets all requirements for flexibility, completeness, ease of use and speed. This is an investment with a very high return; its customers have reported a return on investment of two times within six months; productivity increase by 12%; and increase in OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness, the total effectiveness of a plant) by 6%.

With Parsable, companies gain unprecedented visibility into their operations, uncover insights into their work processes, continuously improving results and attracting new talent.

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