We decided to become an Alleantia Certified Partner to provide our customers a solution that easily integrates heterogeneous IoT devices, to be able to use information in a single environment, in synergy with different IoT platforms.

Alleantia is a leader for its plug & play software solutions applied to the Industrial Internet of Things (Iiot). Its Iot plug & play technology is the heart of the digital transformation of an industrial company.

“The digital transformation of manufacturing is changing the industry through the introduction of advanced solutions that have led companies to reinterpret their role along the value chain. Overace is the advanced solution that makes digital transformation a successful digital transformation”- declared Antonio Conati Barbaro COO of Alleantia.

“Our work aims to provide end-to-end solutions from data processed on devices (thanks to edge computing), up to the Key Performance Index (processed by advanced analytics together with machine learning) required by managers and production managers. Become an Alleantia Certified Partner allows us to further improve our digital transformation solutions and generate value through simple and measurable Use Cases” declared Marco Tarpi CEO of Overace.

Let’s make digital transformation a successful digital transformation!



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