By 2025, graph database technologies will be used in 80% of data and analytics innovations, up from 10% in 2021, facilitating rapid decision making across the enterprise.

“Top Trends in Data and Analytics for 2021” by Gartner

What is graph database and why is taking over relational database

For the right use case, relational databases are powerful tools. But today users are asking for more than conventional databases can handle. More data, more speed and, most importantly, more connections. In fact, graph database came to light to fill this gap and replaced the restrictive standard model with flexibility and speed.

This powerful tool is natively able to store, process and query relationships efficiently and excels at managing highly connected data and complex queries, independent of the total dataset size.

Therefore, this kind of database stands behind many projects in several organizations in different industries, such as financial services, government, energy, technology, retail, and manufacturing.

Some use cases of graph database

Considering its capabilities, graph database can be addressed to various complex scenarios:

  • Real-time recommendations
    Graph-powered recommendation engines enable companies to personalize suggestions about products, content and services by leveraging a multitude of connections in real-time.
  • Fraud detection
    Real-time analysis of data relationships is essential to uncover frauds and many sophisticated scams.
  • Network & IT operation
    Graph databases help companies connect several monitoring tools and gain critical insights, within a modern IT network infrastructure.
  • Identity & access management
    Quickly and effectively track users, assets, relationships and authorizations when using a graph database for identifying and access management.

Our DB graph-based solution

Overace team has a deep knowledge of data strategy and data solution design; thanks to the experience gained on several projects, we got the keys to set innovative graph-based products.

Contact us to speed up performances, together we will find the solution that best suits your case!


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