Intelligent logistics involves the use of technological solutions to optimize all those operations of management, storage and destination of goods.

The (truly) optimized processes therefore also include the integration of logistics into the entire supply chain of a company: monitoring each process allows the collection and processing of large amounts of data (on volumes, personnel, products, costs, times etc).

Data collection

The Internet of Things allows you to connect, through sensors connected to the internet, all the machinery and technologies necessary for data collection, which are then processed through intuitive and fully customizable platforms.

These platforms cross data in real time with the historical, and allow you to make fundamental decisions in terms of efficiency and effectiveness. A practical example is the MES – Manufacturing Execution System – for production control through industrial monitoring, or ERP, which plans the company’s resources, PLM to manage the product life cycle and SCADA, to acquire data from sensors in machines.

 These are platforms that use big data and ML to integrate logistics processes and consequently optimize production ones.

The advantages of intelligent logistics

Improve processes and forecasts, reduce errors and costs, increase operational flexibility, automate some operations and support decisions. Digital twin platforms allow you to simulate scenarios at almost zero cost compared to real experimentation. Those of big data analytics constantly learn from errors and anomalies, developing ever more precise models and forecasts.

As a system integrator, we assist your company starting from the analysis of the current situation, developing a digital strategy and training your employees for new technologies.

We deal with Industry 4.0 and Customer Engagement 4.0 applied in different sectors: we can support you in the optimization of processes applied to production, logistics, quality and finance through ICT tools and adoption of services.

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