Intelligent signage to win over customers

Intelligent digital signage is a powerful marketing tool for communicating attracting attention with key content and messages.

Today it is even more present in our lives: just think of shop windows, points of sale or advertising displays on the street (especially in smart cities). It allows you to create very dynamic and creative touch points: images, graphics, videos and texts with very effective call to action.

Smart Touch points

With smart digital signage it is no longer a question of “simple” reproduction screens, but technologies that adapt to the message and the communicative space, harmonizing environment, information, interaction and ease of use.

Monitors, video walls and other devices are integrated through AI and Machine Learning with increasingly smart complex systems, which allow greater personalization and interaction with the customer, guaranteeing a truly unique customer experience, which intercepts the visitor’s needs to increase sales opportunities.

The synergy between AI and other technologies can have a huge impact on the in-store experience and retail in general through:

• the prevention of theft,

• monitoring of inventory levels (with the possibility of immediate and automatic replenishment),

• the use of interactive displays and virtual dressing rooms, smart mirrors for beauty and accessories,

• the use of robotic assistants who accompany customers to larger stores.


Cameras and sensors can provide detailed information on customer behavior (by checking, for example, if I keep safe distances and wear the mask correctly, identifying the most frequent routes, the points where they stop more and less to evaluate the point best to prepare a specific offer), Voice Assistants can become personal shoppers able to provide advice based on the tastes of the interlocutor.

Augmented and virtual reality greatly affect engagement, guaranteeing a very immersive customer experience: from viewing prices, features, combinations and offers of a product simply by framing it with the smartphone camera, up to virtual experiences that allow you to evaluate combinations between products and furniture at home or virtually wear clothes and accessories.


In large-scale distribution, many companies are experimenting with the opportunities that this type of technology offers, communicating offers in a dynamic way, quickly adapting to customers and the needs of the store. This is a market destined to grow by 11.2% annually (Marketsandmarkets survey), rising from 16.3 to 27.8 billion in 2026.

The use of voice interfaces, carts and sensorized totems is increasingly common, which can connect to consumers’ smartphones, triggering triggers that allow information content to be displayed when approaching.

Or gesture recognition systems to navigate a menu and select content without having to touch anything, up to the insertion of digital signage between the shelves to manage promotions and influence purchasing behavior.

All this can translate into further monetization opportunities through the sale of digital communication spaces, which will also benefit the increase in communication consistency with respect to the visitor, who will perceive the added value of a communication tailored to their needs.

Overace is a system integrator and consulting company that assists you through the implementation of the digital strategy, up to the training of employees to allow them to independently manage the new innovative tools.

We manage the latest technological discoveries related to Industry 4.0 such as Natural Language Processing, Robotic Process Automation, BI, machine learning and also bring CRM solutions to your company, also taking care of predictive maintenance and customer engagement solutions.

We know different sectors and we can support you in the optimization of the processes applied to production, logistics, quality, finance through ICT tools and adoption of services.

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