The world is filling up with new abilities, new environments, each with their own rules. We are witnessing the creation and development of a new, purely digital world where people live a virtual life similar to real life, which is called the “Metaverse”.

What are the consequences?

Companies will soon find themselves operating within many new worlds, where they will manage both physical and virtual realities and will provide services in environments created in turn by other companies. In this constantly evolving context, companies will have to reinvent every dimension of their architecture by adapting it to the change underway. In practice, they will need not only an operational strategy that best serves customers and partners at all levels but will have to make use of increasingly competent employees who are in line with the technologies that will develop.

People will actively enter and leave these worlds, passing from one to the other on a daily basis; all this will allow employees to work and interact with each other from anywhere, even from the comfort of home. During our free time, thanks to the Metaverse, we will be able to explore unimaginable worlds in which to relax and socialize even at a distance.

Are you ready for change?

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