About Machine Learning

When we read or about Artificial Intelligence most of the time we talk about Machine Learning. Machine learning uses well-defined algorithms that learn from data interactively. In a few words, computers can perform specific tasks without having to be programmed to do so.

What is the result of all this?

Machines are learning to order the chaos that is triggered by all that structured and unstructured data present within business processes.

Machine Learning has become a fundamental tool for companies to analyze, understand and automate processes: it is able to manage complex realities and learn over time, further improving their accuracy and efficiency.

Although companies are constantly evolving and have already developed some discrete use cases, many of these still have difficulties in applying Machine Learning by exploiting it in all its most advanced forms. A recent global McKinsey’ survey  found that only 36% of respondents have implemented Machine Learning algorithms beyond the pilot phase.

To use machine learning as a tool to drive automation is highly significant for companies: in fact, by incorporating Machine Learning, they will be able to increase the efficiency of their processes by 30%, consequently obtaining an increase in revenues ranging from 5 to 10%.

Has your company already integrated machine learning into the corporate digitalization process?

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