Steps through manufacturing and ICT paradigm.

“Behind every successful company there is always someone who has made a courageous decision”

A new and innovative technological world

We are living the fourth industrial revolution where Internet and data-driven technologies are deeply connected with manufacturing pillars.

Internet of Things (IoT) and its declination within IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) supported by technological innovation are disruptive by improving the way in which manufacturing processes are designed.

Thus releasing benefits to the corporate value chain.

Material assets are the core means that allow companies to develop their business, but it is not so rare that they are not managed properly.

Within material assets management there is room for improvement and strategic interventions can be addressed even when available budget is reduced.

In the past, low and poor maintenance activities on material assets have produced results such as:

  • Longer and more frequent running failures
  • Increase in unplanned activities
  • Huge production losses
  • Increased maintenance costs

Health state assessment of the machinery took place only through indirect measurements also linked to the subjective evaluation based on the knowledge and experience of collars. As a result, there was no correct approach in root causes analysis and correlation with failures.

Some Machine Learning and Predictive Maintenance methods

Today, the accuracy of the information that can be retrieved from machinery has significantly increased within the technology curve. Traditional methods, the adoption of sensors and cognitive computing offer as well:

  • Higher accuracy in the maintenance process
  • Reduction of machinery downtime and increase in asset productivity
  • Reduction in the number of failures
  • Increase in the reliability rate of material assets
  • Optimization of investments
  • OPEX reduction

In light of Machine Learning, real-time analysis and the corporate asset management platform, Overace is able to manage the asset portfolio of companies.

Data collected from machineries are:

  • Monitored
  • Stored
  • Normalized and aggregated
  • In-depth analyzed
  • Retrieved and presented on customized dashboard

But, this is not enough. Data management, aggregation and performance measurement are poor without Machine Learning. This is the future roadmap for Predictive Maintenance.

Overace is the system integrator that allows your company to spread and promote a new paradigm using the best available algorithm to obtain the highest value from Big Data.

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