Our society shares the core values of ecology and environmental sustainability and believes in the importance of a “green” future. 
Fighting to preserve our planet is a long road that requires a concrete and constant commitment, everyone must actively contribute.

This is what Overace aim to do: enhance high-quality information from reliable sources, encourage the use of public or alternative means of transport and recycle in our offices are just some of the measures taken.

We decided to turn the old fashioned Casual Friday, into our kind of friday, the “Green Friday”.

Every Friday we reach our offices using alternative and green transport services and we want share this behaviour take a photo once arrived at destination or on our way and post it on the social pages of the company with the hashtag #GreenFriday. 

This is how we want to actively contribute to the reduction of pollution and the improvement of air quality in our cities. 

Thanks to our collaboration with Helbiz, every employee will be able to use HelbizGo electric scooters.

A fast, smart and environmentally friendly way of getting around; just like us. 


HQ & Factory
Corso Casale 297/bis
10132 – Turin – Italy


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