How AI can enhance your Marketing practices.

“CRM and Artificial Intelligence will increasingly play a vital role in sales organizations”

AI won’t replace humans.

Artificial Intelligence in the sales landscape is not and won’t be a threat to the human sales experts: it will enhance and bolster sales professionals by integrating their efforts and skillsets.

But why should CRM be integrated with AI?

There are at least two reasons for doing this.

The first one is related to the abundance of data that could be and should be entered in the CRM systems. Sales professionals spend around 20% of their time in Data Entry. AI can collect, select, manage and enter data faster than humans, using NLP, RPA and ML techniques.

The second one is related to the complexity of customer relationships and the increasing transactions volumes. NLP, ML and Advanced Analytics techniques can help finding patterns in customer behaviors and insights on how to strenghten the relationship.

Some CRM AI integration examples

AI could be applied to CRMs in several ways.

Data retrieval and import can benefit from the application of RPA algorithms for performing data entry and from Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning techniques for retrieving and selecting relevant data from non-normalized sources such as email , sms, phone calls, chat messages.

The imported data can be analyzed with NLP and Machine Learning techniques to identify consumer behavior patterns and perform sentiment analysis to better design the customer profile and help define the best relationship building strategy.

Advanced Analytics and Machine Learning techniques can be applied to predict the potential lead scoring: Artificial Intelligence can analyze historical and real-time data like geographical data, demographic data, activity data and customer web behavior to determine the customer buying readiness.

Real-time recommendation systems can become a reality by applying specific data models and artificial intelligence: AI-based systems can generate in real time targeted recommendations for salespeople or customers, including personalized sales and marketing materials to be delivered at desired times.

Overace is the system integrator that allows your Company to reach new sales targets by applying AI to Marketing processes.

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