Artificial intelligence at the service of the coral reef

Coral reefs are vital resources for our planet: they are home to a quarter of global marine life, protect coasts from tropical storms, and provide food and income for 100 million people. It is estimated that they produce 36 billion dollars of economic value per year, but in recent decades they have been heavily affected by man and climate change.

The monitoring and study methods applied up to now are unfortunately often very slow and unreliable, with inaccurate results. Accenture has worked with various partners to develop an innovative AI-based solution for their restoration.

The CORaiL project

The CORaiL project, based in the Philippines, makes it possible to photograph and detect marine life through an edge computing solution and intelligent cameras, deep learning algorithms then take care of classifying the fish and counting them.

To date, over 71,000 images have been collected, with which researchers assess the health of the coral reef in real time, without interrupting normal life cycles.

This project shows us how creative thinking, cutting-edge technologies and strategic partnerships are fundamental and help humans make better decisions.

Overace is a green company: we try every day, in our small way, to do better towards the environment.

Each project is important, and we manage it by adapting knowledge and skills of the latest technologies in Industry 4.0 and Customer Engagement 4.0.

We optimize processes and digitize them through completely paperless solutions and platforms. Come and discover our green commitment, or contact us!

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